Dog Boot Liners To Protect The Interior Of Your Car Boot

Dog Boot Liners

If you regularly take your dog out in the car you know how quickly the luggage compartment becomes covered in dog hair that is particularly difficult to remove, as well as that familiar odour that dogs leave behind. The Hatchbag Company has the ideal solution for you with their custom-made dog boot liners that were designed to fully protect the base, sides and rear seats of your car. Each boot liner is manufactured to fit the shape and dimensions of different car models with the focus on functionality and style that will not only look great but also keep your boot in showroom condition. Handmade in the UK from tough PVC material it is easy to wipe clean or remove entirely to be hosed down and dried, ready for the next trip. In this way, your car stays clean without any doggy odour that usually lingers long afterwards.

Handy additional accessories include a tailgate flap to protect the rear of the car when loading and offloading dogs and other equipment. An additional cover is also available to protect the top of the rear seats from dirty dog paw prints. A tough and durable rubber mat is also available to further protect the base of the boot and to prevent animals from slipping around during a trip. The rubber mat also serves as a great impact protector.

Dog lovers all know the drill after a return from an adventure with the dogs on the beach or out in the countryside. When the dogs are let out the boot is covered in dog hair, water, mud, and whatever else has managed to attach itself to the paws and fur of the animals. Dog hair is particularly difficult to remove as it nestles deeply into the fibres of the carpet, not to speak of sea sand that stubbornly remains despite hours of vacuuming. Instead of enjoying the rest of the day relaxing with the family you have to clean up the mess, all the time knowing that it will have to be done again next time. Our bespoke dog boot liners are made like a second skin that is easy to install and remove with straps that fit around the headrests and Velcro strips on the base to keep it in place. For small messes, a quick wipe is all that is needed, however, for really big messy tasks it is best to remove the entire lining for thorough cleaning. When not in use it can be folded away and stored.

A boot liner from will protect your boot from lasting damage that could occur from transporting animals, rugged sports gear, household rubbish, building materials, and tools. Our car boot protectors are designed to fit in with your lifestyle giving your vehicle ongoing protection from spills, dirt, bite marks, and anything else that can damage it. Overall the consistent level of high-quality materials and innovation has helped make a name for us in the industry and our friendly team of knowledgeable staff will help you choose the right fit and colour for your car boot from our large range of options. Once you own a custom-fit boot liner, you will never want to be without it.