Choose right refrigerated courier services

refrigerated courier services

Selling perishable goods entails lots of planning and coordination as you need to safely ship your produce to your customers. You especially need competent refrigerated courier services if you offer same-day deliveries as you need to meet your promise of your produce reaching your customers on the same day.

This is why you need to choose your courier services wisely, and not just company that sends refrigerated trucks to you. Here are a few tips which can help you make the right choice.

Find out more about the company : Start your search online or through the local phone directory where you will find quite a few courier businesses to choose from. However don’t choose the first company you come across. Visit their website and do some research about the company to find out how well they are at delivering frozen things.

Go through the comments found in their website to see what the company’s pervious customers have to say about their delivery services. You will get a pretty good idea of what you can expect from the courier delivery services upon reading their comments. You naturally have to choose a company with maximum positive reviews, and avoid companies that have more of negative reviews behind them.

Look for what you need: While at their website, go through their list of services to see what type of refrigerated courier services they have to offer. While most companies offer standard courier services, only a few of them ship refrigerated and frozen goods. Go through the companies that offer these services, and compare their rates so that you can make a better choice befitting your needs and budget. GPS and thermostat technologies are a plus. If your company is rather large where you sell goods outside the city or to a different country, and then look for a company that will be able to ship your goods to these cities or countries. They should offer the right logistics to reach these countries on time, and it’s better if they use GPS and thermostat technology in their shipments. It lets you keep a track on your shipment, and if the right temperatures are maintained through your PC or Smartphone. Besides, companies that depend on GPS for their deliveries are more competent with their shipping services as the GPS systems help them find the exact destinations. GPS also helps quicken and ensure your delivery is made on time, or in other words, ensure improved punctuality while delivering your goods.

Choose companies near you: It’s better if you choose a company that’s located near you, so that they will be quicker with their pickups and deliveries. It also helps you schedule your pickups and deliveries to ensure your shipments reach your customers on time. If you plan to expand your services to remote areas, look for companies that either have or plan to introduce flights to remote areas. With their logistics in hand, you can make plans for business expansion.The right refrigerated courier services help ensure the safe transport of your perishable goods, without any fear of any damage or spoilage incurred in transit due to weather fluctuations. There’s nothing worse for businesses like yours than your goods reaching your customer in a spoiled, thawed or melted condition, which is not only a waste of money, but also puts a dent on your reputation.